Games are played 4 on 4 + goalies. This is a non-contact league. There will be two referees at all times. Penalties result in the team being shorthanded for two minutes; the player sits in the penalty box.

Warm-up and Game time

Each game has exactly 60 minutes allocated to it in the gym. 

  • 4 minute warmup
  • 24 minute first half
  • 2 minute intermission
  • 24 minute second half
  • Face-offs are at the beginning of each period only

In the event of a tie game after 48 minutes of play. A best of 3 (NHL Style) shootout will take place.


Hockey sticks

  • This is a bring your own hockey stick league!
  • No tape on the blade
Hockey gloves
  • Wearing your own pair of hockey gloves during games is mandatory for everyone throughout the competition. 
  • Everyone playing in a game must wear a helmet with a cage at all times.
  • Goalies must wear a goalie mask, chest protector, goalie pads, blocker, trapper and a cup.

Shin Guards

  • Not required but recommended.

Important information


  • The gymnasium is located at the back of the Nepean Sportsplex (entrance #4).
  • Locker rooms and lockers will be available to each team for every game - locks will not be provided.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early to your first game in order to receive your team jerseys (performance t-shirt).